A donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including money, alms, services, or goods such as clothing, toys, food, or vehicles. A donation may satisfy medical needs such as blood or organs for transplant.
Charitable donations of goods or services are also called gifts in kind.

Donating Anonymously

There are also circumstances when people like to donate funds to their preferred causes by not revealing their names. Many donors such as public figures or philanthropists like to stay anonymous while making generous donations for various reasons such as to not be asked for money from other organisations or their religious beliefs. Many donors like to stay anonymous because of their religious beliefs or simply don't want any notoriety from giving

Legal Aspect

Ojasvi Foundation is an organization whose primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being (e.g. educational, religious or other activities serving the public interest or common good).

The legal definition of a charity varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country. The regulation, the tax treatment, and the way in which charity law affects charitable organizations also vary.

Ojasvi Foundation clearly states that it doesn’t use any of their funds to profit individual persons or entities as its for betterment of underprivileged section.

Financial figures (e.g. tax refund, revenue from fundraising, revenue from the sale of goods and services or revenue from investment) are indicators to assess the financial sustainability of a charity, especially to charity evaluators. This information can impact a charity's reputation with donors and societies, and thus the charity's financial gains. Hence majorly all the charity information are anonymous as per conditions.

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    Ojasvi Foundation Charitable trust

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    Varachha, Surat

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