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About Dhaval Sojitra

Self-determination is a combination of skills, knowledge, and beliefs that enable a person to engage in goal-directed, self-regulated, autonomous behaviour. An understanding of one's strengths and limitations together with a belief in oneself as capable and effective are essential to self-determination.

Mr Dhaval Sojitra, a self-made man, an intellect entrepreneur is introvert but a disciplined personality. His firmness of mind and will power enables him to face any adverse circumstances.

His field of expertise includes technical and unique mathematics. He is also a good in trading. He started his career journey by working in healthcare and pharma industry and also has an experience of working in IT sector. He started his journey of trading in 2017 with a small amount. Initially suffered a few losses but he never gave up. Slowly and steadily, he learnt all the fundamentals and technical skills of trading. He with his knowledge and skills was finally able to make in the trading industry. He aims to create guidelines and enlighten people in the same field and provide training for the enhancement and betterment purpose of the people.

He is humble, diligent, sincere and trustworthy. He usually comes up with innovative ideas, independent at work, adaptable to any situation and passionate about his work. Learning and Learning is his principles of life.

Presently he is handling IT and Technical Department in OJASVI Foundation.

The aim of Dhaval Sojitra’s Life is to reach out to all the needy, hardworking, creative people. The objective is to educate people and provide them employment in their field of interest so as to achieve financial, mental and spiritual freedom.