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About Divyesh Satani

Divyesh Satani, one of the pillars of Ojasvi Foundation has a dynamic and optimistic personality. Ojasvi is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as vigor or essence of vitality.  Ojasvi is the vital energy that rules our immunity, strength and happiness. These are the primary things needed to lead a healthy life and life full of abundance.

Divyesh Satani proves he is ojasvi by being a person with strong mental attitude to face the everyday challenges propping up in life with great vigor. He lives life moment to moment without any regrets of the past and worries of the future.

With this philosophy in life he believes every day is new, unique, filled with love, happiness and joy thus offering a sense of completeness to his life. He has a great sense of humor which makes the surrounding happier. He is of the opinion that life is a learning process. No man is born perfect but every man has the ability and is capable of achieving perfection. He enjoys all the ups and downs of life and the experiences of life makes him a more productive and robust person.

He started his career in Diamond industry in the year 2014, gained experiences and then launched his own start up. He is the Co-founder of Ojasvi foundation, The gateway of freedom. Our Ojasvi foundation offers our members the freedom to select thier own career. 

He is easily approachable and is on his toes to solve the problems of life. He is eager to provide solutions to all the perplexity encountered in life. Negativity has no place in his life. Though contented with life, being progressive is his nature. He is a cheerful, joyful, delighted person, happy in all circumstances of life.

His goal is to be ojasvi, full of vigor for lifetime and dedicates himself to the Ojasvi Foundation.