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Jay Naria

Entrepreneur & Social Worker

About Jay Naria

There are few who have the courage and skills to take risks and take a step ahead in the field of business. Jay Naria is one of them. He is not only a established entrepreneur but also a social worker, ready to help people in need and who are facing tough times in life.

He also has the qualities of a good businessman. Jay Naria is a smart thinker with excellent communication skills. He is man of determination, perseverance and has a customer centric approach. Not only this he is confident, good orator, has good marketing skills and good convincing power too. He has the capacity to take quick, correct and firm decision in difficult situation. Jay Naria is flexible and easily adapts to new situation

He is always motivated and curious to learn new things. He strongly believes continuous learning and being updated should be a part of everyone’s life. He carries out all his responsibility efficiently and effectively. His enthusiasm and passion towards work makes him an outstanding personality. With this qualities he is a strong inspiration to all his colleagues and masses.

Professionally he has an expertise in silver, gold and diamond jewelry trading. He has taken a step forward in making and designing premium jewelry from silver, gold and diamond which has a tremendous demand in Indian and overseas market. He also owns a jewelry showroom named “ HAVELI GOLD “. 

His goal in life is to create new and better opportunities, provide right platform for youngster so that they can lead a life of financial freedom with happiness and peace. Currently he is a part of OJASVI FOUNDATION setting concrete steps to plan and execute a vision and leads a team towards accomplishment of objectives of OJASVI FOUNDATION.

His dream is to make OJASVI FOUNDATION popular worldwide.