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Mayur Sojitra

Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

About Mayur Sojitra

Mayur Sojitra is an it professional and has an expertise in this field with an experience of more than nine years. Mayur Sojitra is a software engineer, Tech Speaker and community Evangelist. His contributions are in the development of numerous web and mobile application.
As a highly experienced IT industry professional with over 10 years of expertise, he has served as a successful Web and Mobile App Developer, specializing in Android App Development for over 5 years. As a founder of an IT company, he has spearheaded numerous projects and have demonstrated exceptional leadership and management skills.

Throughout his career, he have worked on various projects and have gained extensive knowledge and experience in developing innovative mobile and web-based applications. His expertise lies in designing, developing, and deploying applications that are user-friendly, scalable, and highly efficient. Mayur Sojitra is also proficient in utilizing a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

Being a founder of an IT company, he has been instrumental in overseeing the company's strategic planning, business development, and growth. Mr.Sojitra has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management skills in managing teams and ensuring timely delivery of high-quality projects. Mr.Sojitra also been responsible for building long-lasting relationships with clients and ensuring their satisfaction.

Overall, Mayur Sojitra’s experience as a Web and Mobile App Developer and Founder of an IT company has provided him with the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to excel in the industry and achieve great success.